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To Grow or to Clone, That is the Question. - Hydrokulture

To Grow or to Clone, That is the Question.

Black Widow and Cherry Pie Clones

The ground is the place to start when it comes to agriculture, either soil growth or hydroponic growth, it all starts in the ground.

Growing cannabis is no exception to the rule as it is a plant like any other. There are so many different ways of cultivating a cannabis plant. Once we have the ground, we need to decide if we start from seeds or clones.

“Cloning” may sound like something from a science fiction movie but it is an agriculture process that is widely used to grow many different kinds of plants and they’re advantages to using both methods. Hydrokulture of Fredericksburg is a grow shop that specializes in both growing methods and has everything you need to start growing, whether you’re sprouting seeds or planting clones.

Bushes vs. Buds

Q-Plugs: Great for starting seeds, as well as cloning.

When I was growing marijuana over ten years ago the cloning process was mostly used with fruits and vegetables. Some people were trying to clone cannabis plants, so we tried our hand at it, but mostly would grew from seeds. 

We used to wrap the seeds in paper towels and keep them in straws, lightly wetting them with water every day. This used to be an extremely useful way of germinating before all the fancy germinating machines hit the market. Germinating the seeds is the process of wetting them so they can start to sprout before you plant them in soil or a hydroponic unit.

Before we start sprouting our seeds, it is important to know where our seeds are coming from. If you do not start with quality genetics you won’t end up with a quality final product. Always get your genetics from a reputable source, like Hydrokulture.

The art of cloning plants has developed immensely over the last few years. Cloning uses part of an already existing and growing plant and planting it in soil and letting it grow into a plant of its own. Essentially, it is taking one plant and turning it into two.

Hydrokulture specializes in both cloning and seed sprouting methods and will help walk you through every step of growth. There are many products on the market to help with cloning. 

Q-plugs are extremely popular and involve premade nutrient rich pods that growers can put seeds or clones in. Many cultivators also use Clone-x cloning solution and rooting gel which helps the plants to grow large and healthy and produce more buds.

Clone-X Cloning Solution and Rooting Gel

To Seed or to Root

Whether growing from seeds or cloning, the important thing is, well, growth! For those with a green thumb, they might prefer to grow from seeds and do everything from the ground up. For those who have a harder time keeping things alive, cloning might be the way to go as it is already along the way.

Hydrokulture provides the knowledge as well as the products for growers to start cultivating. Growing cannabis is not only a fun project but is also incredibly practical.

So, look into which growing style you want to try out and let’s get those buds rising!

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