The Early Bird Gets the Bud.

Personally growing cannabis is the way to go and it’s frankly never too late to start. The art of cultivating cannabis is rapidly spreading throughout the U.S. as more technology and information becomes more available. 

These days, most growers are 30 years old or above as cultivating can be a generally overwhelming and financially worrying thing to start. Most young people don’t realize they CAN grow! 

Gardening of any kind is something that is being lost on the younger generations. It is easier to play Farmville on an iPad than it is own your own farm, or so they think. 

Growing cannabis has never been easier or more affordable. There is no better time than now, to start growing.

The Sooner the Better!

The financial barrier of entry the biggest reason young people buy cannabis instead of growing their own. Especially in states where cannabis is legal recreationally, anyone over the age of 21 can walk into a shop and buy everything from flowers to oils, to edibles. 

You would think that is would make way more sense to walk into your local dispensary, buy what you will, and to go about your day. While it is certainly easier, it is by far the more expensive approach.

The average price of an ounce of marijuana in America is about $350 depending on location and the quality of the flower. 

If grown correctly, the average cannabis plant can produce several ounces per harvest, veterans, can produce pounds from a single plant.

The average price of a comprehensive cannabis cultivation kit is anywhere from $1000-$1500. This price includes everything you’d need to go from seeds to a smokable final product.

So, let’s say you go ahead and decide to start your own grow instead of purchasing product from your local dispensary. If you grew the same amount of cannabis that you would’ve normally purchased for a store, you’re going to save yourself about $5000 to $10,000 a year by simply growing it yourself. 

Home growth is it is the gift that keeps on giving. Starting is the expensive, from there, you can just keep growing and producing. 

Not only is it financially responsible decision to start a home cultivation project, but it is also much safer. 

Buying from a dispensary or shop is going to be relatively safe. That being said, most young people still get their cannabis from the streets. When you buy cannabis from an unverified source, you have no idea what it was grown with. Even worse, what it could be laced with.

Taking growing into your own hands is the only way to be 100% guaranteed that it will be organic and safe for consumption.

What are you Waiting For?

There are so many digital resources available for first time growers, but it won’t suffice a personalized, hands-on learning experience.

That is why Hydrokulture is the one-stop shop for all your growing needs. From starting seeds to curing nugs, Hydrokulture has all the resources to make it easy for anyone to start their own home-cultivation.

There is no need to have a green thumb these days. With the experts at Hydrokulture, growing cannabis has never been easier or more fun.

It is also why Hydrokulture offers an exclusive Grow 101 Classes in either Paid or Free format.

Every Thursday, Hydrokulture hosts their one-of-a-kind cultivation seminars that you can attend and get hands-on, real-world knowledge. Visit our Events tab to sign-up for your spot in our Grow 101 Classes today!

Authour :

Paul Fish

Paul Fish