Roots Organics Emerald Mountain Potting Mix, 1.5 cu ft

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Roots Organics Emerald Mountain Potting Mix, 1.5 cu ft

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Roots Organics Emerald Mountain Potting Mix is created for the quality conscious consumer, the special breed looking for the highest levels of performance and economy. We recognized the need for a more economical yet well balanced organic growing media incorporating more water holding capacity while still maintaining a reliably free draining indoor and outdoor potting mix. The ultimate base mix or large container outdoor blend consistently created to out perform. Emerald Mountain Potting Mix has been extensively tested and you will see the results of our effort designing this excellent base blend in your garden.

How to Use
Roots Organics Emerald Mountain can be placed directly in a container with drainage holes. Place enough Roots Organics Emerald Mountain soil in the pot to allow the top of the plant’s root ball to be about two inches below the rim of the pot. Add more soil, firming with hands until within one inch of rim. Insert support if necessary. Water transplant thoroughly, using a light fertilizer solution if desired. When plants are moved from one stage to another, such as from cuttings to pots or when transplanting one size up, reduce fertilizing until they show signs of growth again.

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