Grotek Gro-Silic, 500 ml


Grotek Gro-Silic, 500 ml

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Soluble Silicon

Grotek Gro-Silic™ is a concentrated liquid silicon supplement suitable for soilless and hydroponic systems. This plant-available form of silicon helps improve plant growth and quality, in part by hardening cell walls. Plants with improved cell wall structure are better able to endure periods of abiotic stress such as high temperatures and drought.

Gro-Silic is very effective as a soil drench, but for fastest absorption apply as a foliar spray.

Application Rate: 1L makes 6667L of solution.

Foliar application: Dilute to 1:500 or greater. Apply at the 3 – 8 leaf stage and once monthly thereafter as required. Soilless/water culture application: For nutrient solutions apply at a rate of 0.15 – 0.30 ml/L (0.6 – 1.2 ml/gal.).


Compatible With Beneficial Biology
Improves Abiotic Stress Resistance
Highly Concentrated, Plant Available Silica
Guaranteed Analysis

Boron (B)….. 0.009%

Derived From: Boric Acid


13% Soluble Silicon (Si) from Sodium Silicate
87.0% Total Other Ingredients (inert as non-plant food ingredient)

Silica is one of the most interesting supplements to add to a nutrient program. While not considered essential, silica assists numerous plants with abiotic stress. Gro-Silic™ has elevated levels of plant available silica to help with heat, drought, and salinity, providing improved uptake within plant structures when compared to other slower release forms of silica.

Grotek Gro-Silic is a strong base and should never be added to nutrient concentrates. To avoid precipitation of nutrients, it is recommended to add Grotek Gro-Silic to nutrient tank and adjust pH to desired range prior to adding other nutrients. If adding to an existing nutrient solution, pre-dilute in a small amount of water. Check pH and adjust to 5.5 – 6.5 depending on crop requirement.

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