CX Horticulture T-Drops 20ml


CX Horticulture T-Drops 20ml

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T Drops is a highly effective solution for every gardener growing any type of plant in any type of system.
Extremely concentrated – 1 ml makes 100 liters. One 20 ml bottle makes 2000 liters.
Safe to use with any nutrient regiment.
Will not affect beneficial microorganisms.
Non-toxic and completely inert; does not interact with the plant in any way.
T Drops, like all other CX Horticulture products, is designed specifically for consumable crops.
T Drops is plant, pet and people safe.
As a maintenance, add T Drops to your regular feed once a week at 1 ml (40 drops) per 100 L (25 gal). For more intensive use, treat with T Drops every three days in the following methods:
Soil/Coco: Mix 2 drops per 4 L (1 gal) of water. Thoroughly drench growing medium.
Recirculating: Add to your nutrient tank at 1 ml (40 drops) of T Drops per 100 L (25 gal). If your medium is not completely saturated by your watering system, thoroughly saturate your medium by hand watering. Ensure T Drops is mixed evenly throughout your medium.
Additional Tips:
Even saturation greatly increases the effectiveness of T Drops.
Hydrogen Peroxide will greatly reduce the effectiveness of T Drops.
You cannot overfeed with T Drops and can use through flush. There are no after-taste effects.
Must be stored between 37 F and 72 F (2 C – 22 C). Refrigerate if necessary. Do not freeze.

Used to treat fungus Gnat infestations.

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