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Picking the Perfect Strain - Hydrokulture

Picking the Perfect Strain

Imagine your cannabis plant, fully grown, as a work of art. The foundation of cultivation is essential to building a masterpiece. Selecting the right strain and healthy seeds will help determine the success of your plant’s yields.

Picking seeds and strains can be overwhelming for new growers, there is just so much to choose from. The Grow 101 Class hosted at Hydrokulture offers a more in-depth grasp of cultivation.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get a bead on the type of plant you want to grow!

It’s all in the Genes

Figure 1. (A Freshly Germinated Seed)

Gathering seeds from an unknown strain you picked up on the street (often referred to as “bag seeds”), your cultivation will most likely yield poor plants. That’s because you have no idea what you’re working with.

The first thing to note about your genetics is the strain. The strain will either be Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid of the two. Each has its unique growing qualities, seeds that come from a reputable source will give you insight as to what your final product will be. 

Choosing the right strain is the first step to picking a reputable source for seeds. Knowing what type of genes you want to cultivate is crucial to finding the right strain of seed. 

If you use hydroponics, you are most likely going to be an indoor cultivator. Indica is generally easier to grow indoors. Indicas tend to bud in about 6-8 weeks and will not grow as big, making them ideal for tight spaces. 

Sativa plants tend to grow better in an outdoor environment as they are usually larger than an Indica plant. Due to their size and genes, Sativas typically have a higher THC count. They also need a little more attention during the cultivation process. Train wreck and any of the “Hazes” are Sativas that grow phenomenally.

Hybrids can be the easiest to cultivate as they harness the fast growth rate of Indicas and the larger bud size of Sativas. Hybrids are fusions of the two genes and take the best qualities of both strains. 

Perfect Seed, Perfect Strain

Figure 2. (A Sprouted Seedling)

Hydrokulture’s Grow 101 class provides an in-depth experience that highlights the importance of seedling and which strains will yield. The key to cultivating the best cannabis is knowing not only which gene is for you but getting the seeds from a reputable source.

Using poor genetics will only result in time lost and frustration.

Make sure you trust your source. Don’t use “bag seeds” from an unknown strain. Hydrokulture has the experience and expertise and will be able to help you find what are looking for.

Their Grow 101 Class has everything you need to get started cultivating today!  

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