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Hydrokulture - Buds for Beginners - Hydrokulture

Hydrokulture – Buds for Beginners

Our General Manager, Matthew, giving our Grow 101 Class seminar to some local students.

If you have ever wanted to grow your own high quality cannabis, but never knew where to start, Hydrokulture of Fredericksburg, Virginia is the one stop shop for all your home cultivation needs. 

With the rising popularity of not only cannabis, but also hemp, it can be daunting to start home cultivation. Growing cannabis is not only fun, but relatively simple.

The industry has certainly grown since I was growing marijuana over a decade ago. 

Hydroponics was growing in popularity and I, like many other people, made a homemade hydroponic kit out of 5 gallon paint buckets and pvc piping. I am pretty sure we used a modified fish tank pump as our motor. 

Before we knew it the plants were bigger than the closets they were growing in.

Hydroponics vs. Natural Growth

When people think of growing anything, they usually think of natural growth first. Put a seed in the ground, water it, and the plant grows. 

It seems easy and for those gifted with a green thumb, it is. 

Many people, like myself, cannot even keep a cactus alive. Natural growth has many benefits for cannabis but it takes incredible amounts of tenacity. Cannabis grown in the earth can grow bigger and produce larger buds but requires more attention and love.

Hydroponics is the art of growing a plant in water, opposed to soil. 

When I made my hydroponic kit the process seemed too easy to be true. Once we had it all set up and had our seeds ready and germinated, all we had to do was put them in the seed port, sit back, occasionally change the water and put in nutrients. Before we knew it we had 6 plants that were easily over 6ft. We did notice that although we had a jungle, the plants produced small but delicious buds. 

With the advancement in hydroponic technology, people do not have to go as homemade as I did back in the day. There are many hydroponic kits that make it easy for even those without that green gene to start cultivation. Hydrokulture specializes in home cultivation and has everything you need to grow some fire. 

With a step by step growing class for beginners, Hydrokulture makes growing cannabis an easy-to-follow and attainable goal.

Budding to Begin

Hydrokulture’s grow 101 class is the perfect place for those interested in beginning their own personal cultivation. 

Our Grow 101 Worksheet, part of our Grow 101 Class Series.

Even for the veteran grower, like myself, Hydrokulture has helpful tips and tricks. 

In the 11 step program, new growers will discover the simplicity of cannabis cultivation and find their own green thumb. With top quality genetics, germinating devices, hydroponic kits, Hydrokulture has what you need.

It is important to remember before you start growing to check your local state laws. Cannabis is a rapidly rising industry, but it is still new in many states and is not federally legal at this point. 

States have the right to choose whether marijuana is illegal, declassified, medicinally legal or recreationally legal. Even if your state has passed recreational legality, there are specific state laws regarding cultivation that range from how many plants one can have, to size growth. Check out what applies to your area and go from there.

One of the many benefits of cannabis and hemp is how easy it is to grow. That is why it is called weed, because it will take over your field or grow room before you know it. It does not take a green thumb or even any kind of agriculture degree. 

Come on down to Hydrokulture to begin your cultivation journey, today! 

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